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Fourth (and last) assignment is out

I have prepared a fourth assignment that I expect you all to find it easy (as the last one was challenging for many of you). Again, we are dealing with UDP communication and in this case your job is to create a chat server.

As we did for third assignment, the client program is going to be netcat command (nc).
This last assignment is due by noon on the May 5th, 2011. No late submissions will be accepted. Please remember to do the assignment just by yourself.
By now, you should already know assignment can be downloaded by clicking on the title of this entry, shouldn’t you?

Third assignment solution

It seems many of you have found the third assignment frightening or maybe you were too busy with other subjects (or partying?). The success ratio of entries turned-in has been 100% but I know of some students who dropped it after a while.

Please remember the solution provided here (click on this entry title) is just one reference solution for you to study. In fact some of the solutions followed a completely different approach (one thread per pending wake-up).
Of course, “regular expression” parsing is beyond the scope of our subject and it won’t be in the exams either.
Marks appear in the “Assignments” tab of the attendance record page.

Scary news

Apparently an attacker obtained valid certificates to the names of several companies including Yahoo and Google. These could later be used to help them distribute fake information and software that would look legit.