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1st term marks

All your exams have been marked and you can see the results on the “Exams” tab of the attendance worksheet.

For a limited time, your written exam is available for you to double-check the grading process. If you detect any error, please let me know. If you have any question about marking process or the answers of the solved exam feel free to contact me. Please note that the document below contains all the exams in no specific order, so you may need to scroll down a bit if yours is the last one.


For your own protection, saving or printing this document is not permitted. Nor this document is available to a regular visitor on the hosting service.


Solved 1st term exam

You will find below the solved exam. Please have a careful look at the answered provided there and considering your own answers to the written exam, mark your own answers and email me the mark you think you have obtained. Consider only good or bad answers (that will be worth 2% or 0%). Do this as soon as possible (as your memory about your own answers will fade away).

You can get a full-page document view by clicking on this entry title. Do not hesitate contacting me if you find an error on any of the provided answers.
Solved 1st Term2011