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Every now and then …

… we are told the transition to the new version of IP protocol is about to happen. This article says, once more, that old motto (it’s been a decade of listening to the same message in slightly different ways).

We will be covering Internet Protocol in Chapter 3. But unless something earthbreaking happens next month, we will still be covering IP version 4 instead of the new version 6 (which is now twelve years old). Whatever it happens, please remember your computer (no matter what OS you use as far as it is recent) already supports both versions.

Labs schedule

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September 2010 marks

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Congratulations to Fernando and Isma that passed the subject.

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Solved exams

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September 2010 exam

A few details about the September 13th, 2010 exam:

  1. At 15:30 the 2nd term exam will be held.
  2. At 18:00 the 1st term exam will be held.
  3. Each part will last two hours.