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June 2010 Final Marks

While still you can review your exam and ask for any correction that might be needed, current final marks have been published. Hopefully this will remove the anxiety of some of you about the final marks.

Please note that those with incomplete assessment (i.e. one term exam missing) will get no number in their mark. Instead it will be stated that not enough information is available so as to give any grade.

Those of you that have failed the subject, please remember there will be a new opportunity on September for both, first and second term exams. Also remember the only requirement is that the average mark of both terms has to be equal or greater than 50% to pass the subject. Whether you want to take one or two exams in September is your choice.


Marks are available

Both 1st and 2nd term exams have been marked. For many of you there is a small difference between your assessment and mine. There are a couple of cases where difference has been significant.

2nd Term June2010

I’ve made every effort to provide an accurate and correct marking, but errors may happen. Should you have any concern about your mark, please let me know.

Please note that the view of marked exams is available only for a limited time and that document download is disabled.