Monthly Archives: April 2010


Maybe timing is not right, but if you want to test your programming skills against other talented people you may want to register for Google’s programming contest CodeJam 2010. It’s fun (if you like programming challenges) and you’ll realize how much you need to learn.

I usually join the contest and I am kick out very soon. Java is among the programming languages accepted. There are many sample problems you can attempt to test your skills before the contest begins. Those of you making it to Round 2 can claim an extra 10% mark.


4th and last assignment is out

This time you have to write a simple “wrapper” code to allow the use of an interactive command-line program through a socket connection. While this can be achieved by piping your command to nc or sock commands, you are required to do this by yourself in Java language.

A brief explanation on how you can launch an external program and access its input and output is provided. You have till May 26th, 2010.

A sample implementation is provided too, but please note it won’t work in a Windows computer (unless /usr/bin/bc command is found on your system).