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Second assignment is out

Second assignment is about coding a simple web proxy. No local storage (no cache handling). Just a simple iterative server but with a twist: As you need to read from two streams (request and response) you have to figure out the best way of doing it.

Only GET method is permitted, so you can safely reject any other method coming from the browser (to keep things as simple as possible).

You can click on this entry title to get the assignment text. Second assignment due date is December 23rd, 2009.


Haven’t read RFC 821 yet?

Please note that some of you are doing assumptions for assignment#1 that do not match the protocol specification. I want to bring your attention to page 4 of RFC 821 where MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands syntax is shown. Please note there is not a space between the colon and mailbox name. Do not confuse that with what appears inside the message header (From: and To: headers, where a space is found).

Click on the image on the left to get a better view of it.

Issues with Assignment#1

Apparently there are some difficult statements on the assignment text (given the submissions I’m getting). Let me repeat some of them here (pasted from original document, boldface added here):

  1. Please include a MANDATORY comment on the source code with your name.
  2. Please send me the java source code file by email to the email account shown here with
    EXACTLY the subject: Assignment#1
  3. Each time your server receives a message it will write it down to a text file named “received.txt“.
  4. Main class name MUST BE SmtpServer.

In case you have not noticed it, I was using UPPER CASE to remark that these were IMPORTANT information.