Monthly Archives: September 2009

September marks

Just in case you’ve not searched for them on the usual place, here you have September marks. They will become official by the end of this week.

Sorry, former link was not public, it should be fixed by now.


Some ideas if you bring your laptop to the lectures

A former student, Ismael, mentioned that some students found interesting to use software for adding comments on PDF slide files. Apparently PDF-Xchange Viewer (for Windows) and Skim (for OS X) can do the job (for free).

Of course this may only be interesting for those of you that are bringing a laptop to the class. But, time-proven technology, like paper and pen, can be very useful tool too.


Welcome to the 2010 class of RED

We’ll use this blog for posting interesting data about the subject, slides, laboratory exercises, solved exams, assignments and marks.

Contrary to PoliformaT this blog is open to anyone, whether you are enrolled in the subject or not (or not yet).

Feel free to use the comments on any topic to ask questions or to make any comment you think it is appropriated.

Please note the “File Repository” link on the top right side will lead you to a Google site with (hopefully) all the required files related to the course.