Monthly Archives: June 2009

Spicing up your marks

After some changes on the marking due to your requests, marks have been adjusted so all the available range of the pass mark is covered. As a result some of the marks actually crossed the fail/pass border and those of you affected will be pleasantly surprised. Still some of you did not make it and you will have to come back in September for another exam. Please note the exam “algorithm” will be the same as in June: You can take 1st term, 2nd term or both exams.



Do you want to check your exam?

Please note you’ll need to scroll down to find your exam. They are not stored in any special order, so be patient.

1st term exam


2nd term exam

are available for you to see them on-line (no download is allowed).

Exams will only be available for a limited time.

Update: Question 21 of 2nd term exam has been re-examined and now Dijkstra is also considered a valid answer. Marks have been modified accordingly for all of you.

June 2009 2nd and 1st term solved exams

As we did before, please double check the solved exam and with the answers you remember you provided and then, mark your own exam and email the mark to me.


Jun2009A Solved

The 1st term exam solution is below. As with the other exam, please mark yours and email it.

Jun2009B Solved