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A few more solved exams

If you took the time to explore this blog’s content backwards you’ve realized some of the older links are dead. But fear not, some of that content is brought back to life here. These are a few solved exams more for you to look at.

Don’t forget next Monday we’ll have the exam.

Either you are attending to one term exam or two, see you there.


Breaking bad

Some years ago we’ve got a situation at UPV. This paper details some of the events that happened. I reckon both students involved are still at UPV.

Exam details

Next June 2009 exam will consist of two parts. Those of you only interested on the second term part have to come at 10:00. 2nd term exam will last two hours.

After the 2nd term exam a 1st term exam will be held (same place but fewer rooms).

Please note that it is mandatory you take now the 2nd term exam but the 1st term one is optional. If you are happy with the mark you already have got in the 1st term then you do not need to repeat that. Your final mark will average the mark of both semesters “no strings attached”.

Both exams will follow a similar format than the ones on the blog (sorry but old links may not work).

Improve your Spanish while learning cryptography

Manuel Lucena is a professor from Jaen University who has a great book on cryptographic algorithms and who is kind enough to provide us a free PDF version.

There is only a catch on this offer: it’s only available in Spanish. What a good opportunity for practicing your newly acquired skills!!

Contrary to what happened in the classroom, the book provides a detailed view of many cryptographic algorithms, including DES, IDEA, AES, RSA, ElGamal, DSA, … etc

For those of you that still prefer a book written in English you can download this one. Though a bit aged it is still a very solid book.

Put your crypto skills to work

For many of you [non-Spaniards] this might be a more difficult challenge as Spanish knowledge can help. Can you discover what is the hidden part of this message?

You are welcome to bring the solution to the class and I’ll pay you a coffee.

For more challenging proposals you can go to this contest.