Monthly Archives: December 2008

December 18th

Today’s class was used to explain the basics of a P2P protocol that will be used for assignments #3 and #4. Same explanation is here.

Please note the text of the assignments will not be provided until the beginning of the second term lectures after the exams break.


Not sure how useful it will be …

It’s been suggested that having all the information in one place might be interesting. So I am putting everything together on a Google site (as an excuse to learn a bit about that feature).

First term last lab

You’re required to write a concurrent web server. Here you have the source code of the lab (which appears written on the lab document). You’re not supposed to waste your time re-typing it.

Second assignment is out

Now that assignment#1 is due I’m publishing assignment#2 text.

This second assignment is about writing a multithreaded server application for an instant messaging server. Not that you’re going to program the next Messenger server (at least not yet) but I hope it’ll be fun.

Please remember this assignment is due on January 12th, 2009.