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And we are back online!!

After one year of using the PoliformaT platform I’ve got enough. It might well be ok for some people but I’m not among them. I refuse to be a good well-trained monkey.

In what I think is the best interest of my students (and my own sanity) I’m recovering this blog as the vehicle to distribute the class material.

There are a number of reasons for this move:

  1. Students will no longer need to log-in to read any class related news.
  2. Visitors will now be able to see what’s going on in the subject.
  3. Prospective students will learn what the subject is all about.
  4. I will be able to avoid to do a dance to upload a single comment or document. However I will have to add a comment with any document I add, which I find appropriated.
  5. Anyone could comment on the topics of the blog, whether they are enrolled in the subject or not.
  6. Availability will improve upon university’s.
  7. I will be able to keep the English group of the subject apart from the noise of other languages’ groups.
  8. Blogger’s usability is miles away from the ugly and clunky interface of PoliformaT.
  9. We will be free to enjoy videos of any size (PoliformaT limits to 20 MB max which is a joke).
  10. Maybe the site will open up collaboration links with other universities.
  11. Site appearance could easily be changed (if I were not so lazy).

As an starter I’m posting here the solved exams of last June 9th, 2008.

Read this document on Scribd: solved exam 1st term

And the second semester’s …

Read this document on Scribd: Solved exam 2nd term

Please note that older material that is linked from previous entries may not work as it was lost after a hard disk crash. If you absolutely need to get any of them send me an email and I’ll recover it for you.