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All you wanted to know about bit error rate but were afraid to ask

One important detail about BER (bit error ratio) is that it is an average value. If you use it as such there is no problem. But for if you have link whose BER=10^-4 and you transmit 10000 bits over that channel it is likely you won’t get any error at all. The reason is that BER is an statistic but not a RULE.

If you want to learn more abot what this means, read on this interesting but yet accessible document.


Computer Networks by Andrew S. Tanembaum

It seems the book is also available for campus-wide access in electronic format (part of the O’Reilly Safari Books on-line package) so as far as you are part of the campus network either connected locally or by a VPN from your home you should be able to read the recomended chapter 4.

CRC java applet

This one will show you both the calculation and the associated circuit.

Green third assignment

It seems the current trend is all for recycling and reducing the waste we create. I am joining this effort now by presenting you a fully recycled third assignment about IP fragmentation.

Please note that the due date is wrong (recycling sometimes has some problems). The correct due date is April 6th.