Second assignment marks

Ramazan, Anna, Manuel, Javier and Edgar have turned assignment#2 in. All of them have passed, though there are some comments, read on.

Some of them had the creative idea that a timeout event can stop the server. Let me tell you that “the show must go on” whatever it happens to the server. So you need to treat (catch) any exception that might cause the server to stop working.

On the other hand, I asked explicitly for the received files to be named in a certain way. Again some of you did not follow this part of the specification.

Edgar made the important observation that the performance when transmitting with this system is quite poor. And he also pointed out the cause: The use of a stop and wait protocol where the round trip time compared with the transmission time is quite significant.

Finally, to all of you that for any reason did not send me your work I want to encourage you to do it next time. I really think that assignment work can help you to improve your practical knowledge of network programming. Think of it like a little challenge and try not to follow the advice on this page.


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