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Happy holidays


Class attendance and assignments records

By following this link you can check a copy of the records I keep about both attendance and assignments so you can double check them. If you detect an error please contact me ASAP to get it fixed.

Please bookmark it on your browser so you can return to it easily.

Map of the Internet’s addressing space

I could not resist posting this link.

Second assignment is out

As promised here you have the second assignment work that deals with UDP network programming. As in the first assignment, it is a client/server application. Again you have to program a small server that receives files from the client and writes them down to disk.

I have chosen an “invented” protocol as there are lots of Java code out there for many standard protocols (including TFTP). The good news is that I tried to keep it as simple as possible. The bad news is that my skills at writing the protocol specification are not on par with a good RFC. As usual, feel free to ask me any question you may have about the assignment.

Although I know you can copy and paste the client’s source code from the PDF file, you can also find the source code file here.

First assignment results

I want you to know that Javier, Edgar, Aitor, Ana, Ramazan and Manuel turned in their work. Unfortunately, one of them failed to meet the problem requirements but the rest pass the test with flying colors.

Congratulations, not bad for your first networking problem.

Those of you that did not turn in anything please remember there are still three other assignments to come.

Network programming is like riding a bike: None of you learnt it by reading a manual, did you?