Monthly Archives: September 2006

Welcome to all of you

I’ve just returned from a trip to a Finish university and I’ve discovered there are thrity eight people enrolled on the subject this year. This is definitely our best score ever and I just hope most of you will actually stick to the English group (I’m afraid that some of you might have ended in this group because other groups are full).

I’ll see you all on Thursday,



September news

I am glad to inform you that Rami passed the subject.

I’m glad to see you again enrolled in the subject. You are welcome to come to the class too, work permiting.

Still reading this blog?

Well, maybe you failed the subject, sorry.

On the other hand, if you are planning joining us next course, please be welcome and feel free stoping by my office (I’ll be out of town week 38th though).

There is just another opportunity for you to take an exam next September 14th, Thursday, at 16:00.

Best of luck (not that I think it has lots to do with the outcome),

Dr. Sanchez