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What not to do this summer

This list contains some of the IP ranges that you better avoid if you do not want a free trip to Guantanamo or another sunny place with the latest fashion in orange suits.


Subject’s marks

Several students did not show up at the exams and they have no marks:


The rest of you, brave people, did get the following results:

————– —- — —— —- ——- ———–
DIEGO 44 35 1 20 53.05 63.25
JORGE 62 70 0 0 64.60 67.29
TOMASZ 70 70 2 17 83.39 82.85
IGNACIO 62 45 1 17 71.49 79.05
LUISMANUEL 22 0 0 2 20.67 28.73
VLADISLAV 82 55 1 21 90.23 86.24
RAMI 38 0 0 2 36.37 21.15

Congratulations on your results. Unfortunately those below the 50% course mark have failed the subject, please remember we will have another exam in September covering THE WHOLE SUBJECT (assignments or lab exam are not available in September).

Your exam is available for you to check your results (just email me for a revision slot). In a few days I’ll post the 2nd term exam answered.

Wold Cup telnet fun

I’ve just learned that some people are using the old and aged telnet application for new uses:

_,...,_ ) a/]QQb
.'@/~~~\@'. jQQba
//~~\___/~~\\ _, .?QQ#[ _
|@\__/@@@\__/@| ]m _.7 "asLaas_a/
|@/ \@@@/ \@| , ,\J#L -!4Wba
\\__/~~~\__// [aL[ \ \jmm jP
'.@\___/@.' ,b#'"[ \jmmmmm _P.
`"""""` a##' "4P#mmm# _ya
_P !4####m ?]aa/
/' aaJ#U###m# 4QP'
' aa,/4!44! '
jf _'jQQQQyb7b /
'. '.QQQQ4QQPb )?
QQQ'QQP?' jg/ f
_yQP']QQb aa
a#W?'..QQQQ?)? ?'
"##' _jQQP'
.j? [ jQQ'
aJ jmaaX#L???
? am'

So try any of these live-streams based on telnet:

telnet 2006


telnet 2006
telnet 2006

Warning: Exam ahead

As a reminder: Written exam will be held on June 23rd at 4:00pm. You either have to do the second term exam if you passed the first term or a final exam covering first and second terms if you didn’t.

If you have attended to all the lab sessions please remember you are eligible for a written laboratory test, to be held afterwards (same day). Any score you get there will only add to your total score (it is my way of telling you should do it if you are eligible).

Those who fail the subject will have an exam in September covering all the subject.

Remember the final grade will include the marks from you class attendance and the assignments you turned in.

Till the exam, I’ll be available to address any of your questions on my office hours (Mon & Tue 9:00 – 12:00).