Monthly Archives: October 2005

I do not want to repartition my PC hard drive

You’ve noticed by now that our lab exercises are mostly Linux-based. This is for a reason: All the software we use at the lab is freely available. But it is very likely you have a Windows-only PC. Fear no more, you may use Knoppix (fantastic Linux distribution that boots up from a CD or DVD). It contains all that you need to complete most of the exercises without installing anything on your PC, just boot the system off the CD media. You can download the latest version from this FTP. As it is an on-campus mirror you should expect ultra-fast download. Just burn the ISO and that’s all. You’ll find a complete desktop, development tools, Java-support, audio and video players, and some games too. And you can’t beat the price. Feel free to share it.


Having fun with the network

This applet shows propagation and transmission delays using animation.
This other applet shows queueing delay and packet loss at a network router.
Message segmentation is shown in this applet.
Some network uses are not fun anymore.

Computer Networks’ Lab is ready

Next Monday October 24th first Lab session will be held at the Computer Networks Lab (2nd Floor). Because of our delayed start, Lab exercise number one is skipped and we will start with exercise number two. Text of Lab exercises will be available on the Problems and Exercises book (still being printed). For the time being, you can find Lab exercises one and two in here.